Magic Las Vegas 2020 – The biggest fashion show in the USA

Magis Las Vegas

Las Vegas:

What is a fashion fair of these characteristics? Fashion brands exhibit their new collections; in this edition, the winter collections have been presented. So shop buyers come to place orders: they can see the products in person, appreciating their quality, and discover new brands.

In this case, I participate in fairs like MAGIC exposing too many brands that I represent in the United States to introduce them to the market. It is very important to be part of these types of events to publicize brands that start in a country as many buyers, bloggers and media come to inquire about new brands, trends and seasonal advances.

Shoppers at the Las Vegas fashion fair

Las Vegas fashion fair stand

Of course, it is also very common to find celebrities in MAGIC since many Hollywood stars own their own clothing lines and take the opportunity to stop by their stand and promote their products.

This is not surprising that magic Los Vegas is one of the biggest fashion and trade show in the globe.  In  August and February, MAGIC Las Vegas brings together the world’s most famous fashion retail decision-makers and the world’s best fashion brands. Let’s see what’s going to happen in Magic Las Vegas 2020.


Magic Las Vegas Event Date:

Feb 5 – 7, 2020


Magic Las Vegas 2020. 

The international exhibition of fashionable clothes Global Market Week for Contemporary Fashion or Magic 2020 will be held February, Las Vegas, USA. MAGIC Las Vegas is an international exhibition of fashionable clothes and accessories, one of the largest exhibitions of this subject in the USA. At the exhibition, you can find the latest innovations in clothing, shoes, accessories and production. Starting from modern and luxury brands, ending with the latest trends in “fast” fashion. MAGIC drives business in the fashion industry.
Or we can define it this way: the Las Vegas Convention Center will host the international exhibition Sourcing At Magic 2020.
Las Vegas MAGIC is one of the largest exhibitions of fashion clothes and accessories in the United States. Here you can see the latest stylish new items in clothes, shoes and accessories, ranging from well-known designer brands to new brands of “fast” fashion.
The exhibition will allow manufacturers and fashion designers to demonstrate their achievements in the fashion industry.
The event is organized by UBM Fashion Inc.


The event includes specialized shows:

  • Fn platform:  an exhibition of men’s, women’s, teenage and children’s shoes;
  • Wwdmagic:  an exhibition of women’s clothing and accessories;
  • The tents:  an exhibition of classic and expensive clothes for men and women, famous designer brands;
  • Project:  an exhibition of modern men’s fashion, jeanswear;
  • Project womens:  an exhibition of modern women’s clothing and accessories, jeans;
  • Stitch @ project womens:  an exhibition of women’s modern, sports, streetwear and international brands;
  • The collective:  an exhibition of classic collections, exemplary and licensed clothing for men and boys;
  • Pooltradeshow:  an exhibition of new brands and products for teens;
  • Curve las vegas:  exhibition of underwear and bathing suits;
  • Children’s club magic:  an exhibition of modern children’s clothing;
  • Sourcing at magic:  an exhibition of the global supply chain of fashionable goods;
  • Footwear sourcing at magic:  an exhibition of international sales of shoes.

The biggest fashion show in the USA

Today I want to take you to Las Vegas, where this biggest fashion show held in Las Vegas, MAGIC. This began in 1933 being a local event, mainly bringing together buyers and designers from California. At the start, it was just about men clothes and accessories. Then with the passage of time, it expanded too much and added women’s clothes and accessories, and it moved to Las Vegas in 1989. Over the years it has ended up being the most extensive fair nationwide, even the most massive internationally.


Magic Las Vegas:

Part of the reason why the fair has acquired these dimensions is because of the ability of the city of Las Vegas to accommodate the thousands of visitors it attracts; It is a city that focuses 100% on its hotels. This year and in just 3 days, the fair has attracted 80,000 visitors.
So we can say Las Vegas is number one hotel’s place in United States and that’s why this number one show, magic Las Vegas held there.
This fashion show Magic Las Vegas held twice every year, once in February and once in August every year.
Magic Las Vegas is a place where you will see areas of the fashion industry that will become relevant to the near future. The purpose of the show is to unite and inspire the designers, to connect different directions and offer all this to consumers.
Fashion trends are born and develop here!  Traders and buyers of men’s, women’s and children’s clothes, shoes, accessories, from all over the world come here.
Magic Los Vegas is one of the most famous significant events in the world; This show gives retailers the opportunity to connect with clothing manufacturers and accessories suppliers.